The smartest way to treat air.
The smartest way to treat air.

Pure Air Solution
for Solid Waste

Our experience in Industrial Odour Control is based on 30 years of practise in odour abatement at various industries. Conse­quently our detailed engineered ORGUS biofilters (built since the 1990’s) have provi­ded significant footprint reductions, reliable operations, low running costs and removal efficiencies of 95% and more. Small and very large airflows can be treated. Our ORGUS series of modular biofilters are made from FRP/GRP housing and is available in single, dual and even triple stage units.

Building compact in prefabricated FRP/GRP containers enables us to deliver biofilters that achieve outstanding removal efficiencies with less than 50% of the size of conventional biofilters. A pressure chamber, two filter containers and a rooftop are stacked on a single plenum. The mounting pressure chamber avoids short-circuiting of the air and ensures a homogeneous partition over the surface of the filter. For optimal treatment, the air flows from the pressure chambers in series through two layers of biomass (dual stage treatment).

Our ORGUS biofilter has a light weight design and is especially engineered for small airflows or to achieve significant footprint reductions at larger airflows. Because of the light weight design biofilters can be stacked in a frame. Despite its special and light weight design, no concessions have been made when it comes to reliable operation, cost and removal efficiencies.

Smart design, perfect airflow distribution, high quality media and efficient moistening system created a biofilter that needs just a fraction of the footprint required for conventional biofilters to achieve removal efficiencies of 95% or more. Yet it has low operational cost, virtually no maintenance, rapid installation and is easy to expand. In particular our FRP biofilter is appropriate for air flows with a volume of 1,000 – 200,000+ m3/h.

Orgus Highlights

  • Coir fibre mediaThe coir fibre media has long life time, 6-10 years, is light-weight and has high specific surface area, very high void space and therefore a high real residence time and a low pressure drop
  • Smart design, small footprintPerfect air flow distribution, high quality media and effective moistening create a biofilter that needs just a fraction of the footprint required for conventional biofilters to achieve removal efficiencies of 95% or more.
  • Modular, scalable system This design is easy to install and allows you to add additional capacity by simply connecting another module to the system. That’s why our dual stage ORGUS biofilter is suitable for practically any odorous air flow from 1,000 to 200.000+ m3/h).
  • No channeling and short circuitingORGUS Biofilter includes an integrated pressure room for ideal air flow distribution, avoiding channelling and short circuits that can produce odour leakages.
  • Plug & play installationThe ORGUS comes in fully assembled modules, including media, only needs connection of air, water and power.
  • Simple, user-friendly controlThe system is fully automated , can be monitored by remote control and has virtually not maintenance.

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