The smartest way to treat air.
The smartest way to treat air.

Pure Air Solution
for Solid Waste

With the SULPHUS cost-effective and high efficiency odour removal finally has a meaning. The SULPHUS series contains top-performance, high-quality and easy-to-operate biotrickling filters featuring OdourPack®, a structured synthetic media. The Sulphus is capable of treating very high or very low concentrations and eliminates odours with removal efficiencies of  >99%. This extreme high performance is achieved without the use of expensive chemicals or large amounts of costly carbon.

The SULPHUS is originally designed for the elimination of odours from waste water treatment processes, but now widely applied in other industries as well. Its fully corrosion resistance and has an original fully synthetic packing which will last for over 15 years.

The SULPHUS reactor vessel is fabricated in a GRP and factory assembled for fast and easy (Plug & Play) installation. The structured media, so-called OdourPack®, is made from durable, synthetic materials. Due to its small weight the cost for civil works and foundations are significantly reduced.

By adopting a lean and mean engineering approach the SULPHUS requires minimum attention, control and maintenance during operation. For effective and consistent removal of waste water odours the SULPHUS needs the smallest amount of water (final effluent) and power. Subsequently the cost to operate the system is low.

Sulphus Highlights

  • Complete odour removalWith its unique design and engineered media the SULPHUS reaches removal efficiencies of >99.9% on H2S and >95% on odour
  • Flexible, modular designAvailable in different diameters and height the SULPHUS systems can treat air flows ranging from 2,000 m3/h to 200,000 m3/h and more
  • OdourPack® MediaStructured, engineered synthetic media ensures optimal mass transfer and can handle low and high odor loadings.
  • Robust and easy to operateSimple, minimalistic control philosophy with no pH meters, easy controls and minimal instrumentation ensures easy operations and maintenance
  • Low operating costMinimum energy cost due to low pressure drop and no need for hazardous, expensive chemicals or high volumes of activated carbon.
  • Long life timeThe use of engineered synthetic media, GRP reactors and stringent selection of materials allows for a life time of 20 years and more
  • Savings on civil worksThe lightweight, OdourPack media with large void space results in small footprint and savings in the concrete slab.

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