The smartest way to treat air.
The smartest way to treat air.

Waste Water Odour

With our SULPHUS Bio-trickling Filter Pure Air Solutions has a biological solution that is extremely effective in removing odour from waste water treatment processes like headworks, sludge treatment, pumping stations, etc. While being extremely effective in terms of removal efficiency and costs, zero concessions are made on quality, reliability and ease-of-operation.

Typically waste water odours are related to Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), which gives the smell of rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide gas causes a wide range of health effects and exposure to very high concentrations can even lead to death. Also Mercaptans and other organic compounds (VOC’s) are often produced. This results in complaints from communities in the surrounding area and can lead to negative publicity and media attention.

In most situations action is required to capture and then eliminate odours from wastewater treatment processes. From design through to delivery and beyond, Pure Air Solutions is dedicated to offer the best.

Our Waste Water Solutions

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