The smartest way to treat air.
The smartest way to treat air.

Doha (Qatar) | 14-04-2020

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ of Qatar completed the first phase of the ‘Odour Management Programme’ for drainage assets to offer a healthy and safe environment for the people in Qatar. The Odour Management Programme for drainage includes an advanced technology for detecting, monitoring and treating foul odours. It aims to enhance customer satisfaction and improve quality of services, through proactive plans in dealing with customers’ complaints in the known hotspot locations.

As part of this extensive and prestigious programme Pure Air Solutions received in September 2018 the order to install 7 SULPHUS Biotrickling filters at 6 highly sensitive locations throughout Doha. The design of these 7 units are based on a systematic and detailed hydraulic modelling, air flow analysis and odour generation and risk analysis in the sewerage system executed by OdourNet (UK) and DouroECI (Portugal). Different from usual circumstances is that the foul air is extracted straight from the sewer system at allocated area in Doha city. The foul air flows vary from 1.200 m 3 /h till 15.380 m 3 /h with H2S concentrations of 100 ppm up to 1,000 ppm. The project is executed and completed in partnership with Metito Overseas Qatar Ltd.

Mr. Nasser Al-Yami, Assistant Manager of Drainage Operation and Maintenance Department (DNO&M) clarified this initiative saying: “At Ashghal, we believe in our commitment to provide long- lasting solutions that would contribute to the improvement of quality of life in Qatar. This is in line with one of the four pillars of the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 represented in environmental development through provision of environment friendly solutions to the problems related to foul odours.”

He added, “This plan, which was launched in 2018. The first phase is completed, where the number of customer complaints

got reduced by 34% in key districts of Doha such as Ain Khaled, Hazm Al Markhiya and Dahl Al Hamam. The odour management system is expected to give long-lasting results in the affected areas and in the community at large.” The programme will also support Qatar in its preparation to host the 2022 FIFA World CupTM, and in meeting the requirements of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy.

Worth to be mentioned that Ashghal’s integrated ‘Odour Management Programme’ is considered as the first of its kind, eco-friendly and cost saving mechanism it does not need periodical maintenance. It encompasses odour abatement and monitoring in parallel with streams of work. This approach adopted by Ashghal has been showcased at international dedicated for odour management and received commendable applaud from industry specialists in the Europe and UK.

Pure Air Solutions (PAS) is an Approved Manufacturer of Odour Control Systems for use at Ashghal’s drainage projects and world’s leading Odour and Air Pollution control specialist. Since 1996 PAS offers a series of products for the effective purification of air and odour emissions. Customer focus, industrial know-how and technological leadership have put PAS at the forefront of the industry. PAS successfully installed 300+ odour control systems in 25+ countries with an installation rate of 100% and satisfied returning customers.

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