The smartest way to treat air.
The smartest way to treat air.

Doha (Qatar) | 26-03-2020

Following an in-depth one and a half year review and evaluation period the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ of Qatar announced that Pure Air Solutions has been selected as approved manufacturer and vendor for Odour Control Systems. Extra special is that Pure Air Solutions is the first – and so far the only – company that is selected for the Ashghal approved vendor list based on biotrickling technology. The Odour Control Systems of Pure Air Solutions will now be used for Ashghal future drainage projects which are prestigious, complex and large in scope.

Pure Air Solutions (PAS) is world’s leading Odour and Air Pollution Control specialist, offering a series of products for the effective purification of air and odour emissions since 1996. Customer focus, industrial know-how and technological leadership have put the company at the forefront of the industry. Pure Air Solutions successfully installed 300+ odour control systems in 25+ countries, including Qatar.

In announcing this selection to its Approved Vendor List Ashghal cited quality, speed, flexibility and high level of support to achieve customer needs as the primary reason for choosing Pure Air Solutions. The experienced odour control supplier provided the best pricing, engineering support, brand equity, and innovative systems available, providing mutually beneficial synergies in the desire to contribute to the improvement of quality of life in Qatar.

The Public Works Authority Ashghal has "Qatar Deserves the Best" as their slogan. André Schoonhoven, CEO of Pure Air Solutions said: “For Ashghal this is not just a slogan; it is a conviction, a way of life, and a constant drive to achieve excellence and world-class quality.” He added: “We as Pure Air Solutions are pleased to be partner in that quest.”

The prequalification process of Pure Air Solutions is done with the assistance of Metito Overseas Qatar, with whom Pure Air Solutions completed the first phase of the ‘Odour Management Programme’ for drainage assets by the design, supply and installation of 7 odour control systems at six sensitive locations in Qatar. Metito is a global leader and provider of intelligent, customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions across the full spectrum of utilities industry (e.g. waste water treatment, desalination, sustainable energy, etc.) .

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